Full Architectural service:

  • Sketch Design through to overseeing construction


Partial Service:

  • Site selection assistance
  • Sunshine potential particular to a site
  • Sketch (Concept) Design possibilities
  • Advice on Composting Toilets, other on-site waste systems
  • Advice on Independent Power Systems
  • Advice on Rainwater systems


What I Offer that is unique:

Individual Attention – When you employ my firm you get me – your job is not handed down to some minion.  Some of the drafting may be done by contract draftspople, but they will be overseen by me, you will be dealing with me.

All Building Materials – Although a lot of my work has been in buildings using (tweaked) light timber frame construction, I’ve also had a lot of experience in earth and straw bale buildings, with naturally durable timbers.

Design Philosophy:

        Timeless buildings, that are designed for the sun and feel good to be in, is what I strive for.

My designs are unashamedly  not “this years fashion”; fashionable buildings quickly date.  I prefer to design timeless buildings, buildings that don't go out of fashion; buildings with big sheltering roofs, verandahs, decks and out-door rooms, as well as an interesting variety of indoor spaces.

Solar design is an integral part of all my work.  All buildings should be designed for the sun - warm in winter with little heating, yet pleasantly cool in summertime, - sadly they are not.  This goes hand in hand with using natural building materials; creating living spaces free from toxic outgassing.

Living and Working on Sustainability for 15 years – its not just theoretical, I’m no Johnny come lately to this – we’ve been living it since the mid 90’s – I built our own passive solar adobe house and have been living off grid with our independent power systems for 14 years.  We provide all our own water supply from rainwater, harvest all the fertility from our wastes with our composting toilet and water our orchard with our greywater.


Costs and Charges: 

Generally I prefer to give people a quote for my work, but for some jobs such as alterations or more open ended projects, this is not possible and so I charge hourly, plus disbursements for travelling, copying.

My hourly rate is $88/hr plus GST

My quoted rates are:

  • 5% of the building cost for most houses from sketch design up until building consent obtained stage or
  • 7% of the building cost for a full job – sketch design to handing over the keys of the finished building.

I can talk to you about the benefits of me seeing the project right through to completion, versus the cost savings of you arranging the building after I’ve got you the building consent.